Thermoformed single-serving packets

Thermoformed portion packets - also known as single-serve, single-dose or monodose - stand out due to their large and diverse scope of application for liquids and semi-liquid products. We work for customers from the sectors of food/drink, body care/cosmetics, household products and more.

Using simple thermoform tools, it is possible to manufacture all imaginable types of packaging with filling volumes ranging from 1 to 130 ml. The relevant container is thermoformed from a flat film, filled with the product and sealed immediately. All within one working process, so that your product is packaged safely and hygienically.

Depending on the product that is to be filled, and depending on capacity, a variation of material blends may come into use. These are made from PET, EVOH, PE, with a thickness of 250 to 400 μm. Single-serve packets are made from transparent or coloured foil, and feature print, coding or adhesive labels.

The packets are easy to open, thanks to special snapping mechanisms.

Single-serve packets stand out to the consumers due to the following advantages:

  • convenient and portioned single-use for liquid and semi-liquid foodstuffs
  • practical single application in a precisely measured volume
  • optimised for small households, or being out and about for travel, work or leisure.
  • intelligent opening system
  • simple and hygienic opening, dispensing and emptying
  • more freshness, better hygiene
  • small portions, meaning less packaging material
  • less waste of food thanks to appropriate portioning

For the manufacturer, this means:

  • a solution to changing consumer behaviour and demographic development
  • optimal packaging sizes for single or small households.
  • new markets from airlines, trains, bus catering, hotels, system catering and delivery services
  • expanded range on offer for needs-based packaging items
  • additions to the standard range
  • new composite packaging and multipacks
  • new promotional patterns and activities
  • efficient additions in the testing and introduction of newer products
  • product filling in standardised volumes
  • the possibility of completely new marketing concepts

Single-serve packs are thus among the best packaging solutions for a modern society.