Snap-sachet portion packets

Snap-sachet is a single-serve portion packet with an innovative opening system. The typical way of ripping open a standard sealed bag or sachet is not necessary. Using one hand, simply fold a snap-sachet in the middle to open it and dispense the contents. As the packet is folded, a perforated breaking point in the centre ruptures just enough to allow the contents to come out. Light pressure on the packet then causes the product to flow out in a controlled manner.

The small sachet packets, also known as single-serve, single-dose or monodose, stand out due to their large and diverse scope of application for liquids and semi-liquid products. We work for customers from the sectors of food/drink, body care/cosmetics, household products and more.

Single-serve snap-sachets stand out thanks to the following features:

  • product filling in standardised volumes from 1ml to 30ml
  • convenient and portioned single-use for liquid and semi-liquid foodstuffs
  • practical single application in a precisely measured volume
  • optimised for small households, or being out and about for travel, work or leisure.
  • intelligent opening system
  • simple snapping, opening, dispensing and emptying.
  • more freshness, better hygiene
  • measured portions, meaning less packaging material
  • less waste of food thanks to appropriate portioning
  • optimal packaging sizes for single and small households, catering for airlines, trains and buses, hotels, system catering, outside catering and delivery services
  • additions to the standard range
  • new promotional patterns and activities
  • efficient additions in the testing and introduction of newer products
  • small, needs-based packaging items allow for a new marketing concept