We are based in Canada and Germany

$linke_bilder_item->description GH plant in Belleville, Ontario, Canada

In our Canadian location in Belleville, Ontario, contract packaging and filling services are provided to many well-known international customers in state-of-the-art production warehouses across an area of over 7,000 m².

GH boasts state-of-the-art packaging facilities, extremely high standards of quality and production, as well as years of experience in sophisticated packaging operations.

With invaluable practical knowledge in virtually all packaging materials and packaging solutions, GH offers a wide range of services - from pilot production all the way to large-scale production of batches with numbers in the millions. Reliability, hygiene, safety and exceptional quality are just some of our values.

We also document these officially in accordance with the international guidelines by which we are certified in Canada:

FDA registration (Food and Drug Administration), GS1 Canada (Global Standard for Identification), GMP compliant (Good manufacturing practices), Procter & Gamble Quality Audit.

In our facility in Germany, we fall back on these years of experience and here, we also offer relevant systems for the continual monitoring of products and procedures.

This makes GH an ideal partner for companies who expect consistent quality and reliability from their suppliers.

GH plant in Halle (Westf.), Germany